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16 oz Style 3783 Fiberglass Cloth with silane 627 finish

Satin Weaves > 16 oz 3783
     Style 3783 is another aerospace type satin weave that used in huge amounts.  The conformability of satin weaves, as all with fiberglass cloth weaves, are drastically affected by their finish.  For that we separate the weave and finish combination into separate pages on this website.  Each page you visit will only have one style and one finish.  On this page is 3783 with the universal silane 627 in 60" widths.
     Style 3783 fiberglass cloth is an 8 harness satin weave that has a thread count of 54 x 48 ends/inch and uses the yarn ECG 37 1/0 warp and fill.  The G glass filament diameter is 9 microns.  The thickness is 0.0155".  3783 like all satin weaves are tougher getting the air out and better for vacuum bagging or using peel ply, thinner resins and the like.  The silane 627 finish is not as soft as the 504 Volan finish but is still pretty soft.  The photos indicate this aspect of the cloth.  
    3783, 60" wide with the 627 finish rolls are on 2" pvc pipe and available in 5, 10, 20, 30 and 50 yard rolls.  A layer of print prevent material is next to the cloth then the plastic sleeve and then the final packing layers.  The 3783, 60" wide, as with all rolls on this website, have free shipping to the 48 Continental United States.
Style 3783, 60" wide with 627 silane finish Fiberglass Cloth, Julissa holding rol
Style 3783 8 harness satin fiberglass cloth hand holding with id sheet from Thayercraft
Style 3783 8hs fiberglass cloth const data showing edge from Thayercraft
Style 3783 8hs fiberglass cloth close up with Construction data from Thayercraft
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