9.6 oz Style 7500 Fiberglass Cloth with Volan Finish - Thayercraft

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9.6 oz Style 7500 Fiberglass Cloth with Volan Finish

Cloth for Models
7500 close up with construction data from Thayercraft
Price per roll with Free Shipping to the 

48 Continental United States

7500 is the 10 ounce boat and tooling cloth people use when they need some soft flexible tooling cloth.  As a model builder you can use this in the final layers of your molds. Soft and easy to wet out.  Some of the edges are cut instead of the selvedge edge though so you might have to deal with some strays on the side as you pull it out.  When we re roll we do very neatly and trim pull the strands off but you may have some to wander off as you're working with it.  I think the weaver takes a 60" roll and cuts it in thirds so 2/3 of it will have one selvedge edge and 1/3 of the rolls will be both cut.  Other than that this cloth is perfect and some wonderful cloth for mold making.   All rolls are rolled on 2" pvc and sealed in plastic.  Shipping same or next day. 
7500 504 Volan 10 oz fiberglass cloth  loose on table from Thayercraft
7500 504 Volan folded back on baseball from Thayercraft
7500 close up with data Fill direction from Thayercraft
7500 warp close up from Thayercraft
7500 504 Volan on baseball from Thayercraft
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