FIBERGLASS CLOTH  30 Styles just on this page 
 Nobody beats our prices on fiberglass cloth  From 0.56 oz to 50 oz/sq yd  Plain, Satin, Crowfoot, Net, unidirectional weaves - Fiberglass for RC models, surfboards, sups, Boat & tooling cloth. All Finishes are specified and you'll find lots of information on fiberglass cloth and the characteristics of the different types on this site.
Most rolls have FREE SHIPPING to the 48 continental U.S. States  PayPal "Add to Cart" Buttons are on the right side of each individual Fiberglass Style page which are linked to the individual Fiberglass Cloth types with prices for specific roll sizes.  All prices are per linear yard.  Square yard is used for identification, as in ounces per square yard,  as represented by the large blue number in the upper left corner of each individual Fiberglass Cloth type "Styles" below. All fiberglass cloth listed is in Stock at our 300,000 square foot facility.  We ship almost all rolls the same day. All cloth is rolled on tubes and never shipped folded. Call if you want to use a credit card instead of PayPal   Our normal hours are 8-5 M-F Eastern Time. Email us 24/7 at

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Just in * Cloth for Surfboards & SUP's
4 oz 1522   &   6 oz 7533

fiberglass cloth style 104 .56 ounce per square yard

Lightest fiberglass for RC balsa models

0.73  oz/sq yd  Style 106

10, 20, 50 and 100 yard rolls in 38 and 50" widths in Soft Volan fast wetting and excellent drape any resin

Style 106 0.73 ounce per square yard fiberglass cloth from Thayercraft Inc

common 3/4 oz for Balsa RC Models 

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1.43oz Styles108 &1080

38, 44, 50" in 10, 20, 50 and 100 yard rolls 

1080 1.43 ouncer per square yard fiberglass cloth from Thayercraft Inc

 1.6  oz/sq yd   Style 1280

25, 50 and 100 yard rolls of 44" finished in a clear silane for any resin

Style 1280 1.6 ounce per square yard fiberglass cloth from Thayercraft Inc

 2.3 oz/sq yd  Style 2113

2.3 ounce per square yard fiberglass cloth style 2113 from Thayercraft Inc

38, 44, 50, 56" less than $1/yd and up

tighter weave 2 ounce fiberglass cloth

2.47 oz/sq yd Style2313 
2313 2.47 ounce per square yard fiberglass cloth from Thayercraft Inc
  just slightly tighter and heavier than 2113







2.62 oz sq/yd  Style 1125

not so loose, not so tight

finished in a soft hybrid of Silane and Volan available in 50.5" width and in 25, 50 and 100 yard rolls.

2.62 ounce per square yard fiberglass cloth style 1125 from Thayercraft Inc

20, 50 and 100 yard rolls of 38, 44 and 50" 2.74 ounce per square yard fiberglass cloth style 3070 from Thayercraft Inc 

Tight balanced 70x70 ends/inch for EPOXY resins 

3 oz Crowfoot Styles 120 and 220

3 ounce per square yard Crowfoot Weaves from Thayercraft Inc

4 harness Satin Crowfoot weaves

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4 oz Surfboard cloth

 1521 and 1522

5.26 oz/sq yd  Style 1557

4 harness satin crowfoot UNIDIRECTIONAL

Fiberglass cloth style 1557 5.26 ounce per square yard

5.8 oz/sq yd Plain Open Weave Styles 3733 and 7533
3733 60" 627 finish 125 yard roll
just 18 x 18 ends per inch thread count
6.0 oz/sq yd Style 7628
We'll be putting some photos of the 7628 on here shortly.  7628 is just a tight weave 6 oz with a thread count of 44x31 ends per inch.  Compare that to the much lower thread count of 18 x 18 for 3733 and 7533. Buy 38" width style 7628 in 20, 50 and 100 yard rolls with free shipping

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6.0oz/sqyd Style 7721

37 43 49 & 55" in 30 50 100yds&full rolls  Style 7721 6 ounce per square yard UNIDIRECTIONAL fiberglass cloth from Thayercraft Inc

99% of the glass goes down the length of the roll - not a balanced fabric

7.25oz/sq yd - Style 7532  

30, 38 and 50" width finished in soft Volan for any resin


8.2 oz Net - Style 8800

50 and 60" Finished in Volan for any resin in 20, 30, 50 and 100 yard rollsfiberglass cloth style 8800 8.2 ounce per square yard

good for thick resins with filler and assist air bleed in resin infusion

8.6 oz/sq yd  Style 1543

4 harness Satin or "Crowfoot" Uni  

 38" and 50" in  20, 50 and 125 yard rollsFiberglass cloth style 1543 8.6 ounce per square yard

8.95 oz/sq yd 7781

8 harness Satin Weave

50 and 60" in 20, 50 and

 125 yard rolls


used for many different applications from medical equipment to aerospace to homebuilt aircraft 




Still 9 more styles below here


12.5 oz/sq yd - Style 1564
Plain weave tooling type cloth finished in clear silane 627 for any resin   38" width in stock

12.5 oz/sq yd Style 2515 & 525 39.5" wide - Volan finish

Style 2515 12.63 ounce per square yard fiberglass cloth from Thayercraft Inc

14.1 oz/sq yd  Style 1582

8 harness satin weave priced CHEAP


Fiberglass cloth style 1582 14.1 ounce per square yard

14.4 oz/sq yd - Style 7645

E-glass version of 17645 8 harness satin weave


fiberglass cloth style 7645 14.4 ounce per square yard

14.1 oz/sq yd S-2 Glass

8 HS Style 17645

20% stronger than E-Glass

Style 17645 14 ounce per square yard S-2 Glass from Thayercraft IncS-2 fiberglass cloth used in kayaks, windmill blades. Forms well for a heavy satin

16.1oz/sq yd - Style 3783  

  Satin Weave fiberglass 50" and 60" width in soft Volan or clear Silane Finishesfiberglass cloth style 3783 16.1 ounce per square yard

18 oz/sq yd Styles 7544  tooling cloth 

fiberglass cloth style 7544 18 ounce per square yard 
21.85 oz/sq yd - 9773
8 harness satin S-2 Glass
Style 9773 21.85 ounce per square yard S-2 glass fiberglass cloth from Thayercraft Inc

50.2 oz/sq yd  13788

 12 Harness Satin E-Glass

fiberglass cloth style 13788 50.2 ounce per square yard



All prices on this site include Free shipping except for the One of A Kind Special Deals.  These rolls are priced as low as possible on a per yard basis and with some so large and heavy we want to give you cheapest shipping rate at the time of purchase. Normal shipping isth FEDEX ground

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Did you know? You can calculate the weight of a roll of cloth by it's oz/sq yd.  For example a roll of 106-38-100 yards would be 0.73oz/sq yd divided by 16oz/lb x 38"width of cloth divided by 36" for a square yard  x 100 yards + 2.7lb 2"pvc core + 1 lb corrugated wrap and packing for a total of approximately 8.5 pounds(would count as 9 lbs for Fedex or UPS of course)