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26.8 oz Style 1938 Fiberglass Cloth

Style 1938 is an 8 harness satin weave fiberglass fabric weighing 26.8 oz/sq yd and has a thread count of 45 x 36 ends/inch.  Style 1938 uses the yarn ECK 18 1/0 in the warp and ECG 37 1/2 in the fill and is 0.026" thick.  We have a half a truck load of this cloth heat cleaned (carmelized) and in the greige in 29.5, 38 and 38.5" widths with rolls up to 380 yards.  We can give you a real deal on this cloth.  It's been stored high and dry and there's nothing to go wrong on this deal.   Let us know if you're interested.  
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