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What Thayercraft is not

Thayercraft Inc
     Thayercraft Inc is not a designated distributor by any weaver.  We are not a retail walk in store.  We are not a general comprehensive or full line composite supplier.  We are not open to the public.  We don't custom order anything ever or have the weaver drop ship special orders to our customers.  We don't send free samples but rather have the short rolls that serve that purpose as well as an abundance of photos and written descriptions. We are not brokers in any way.  We are not trying to compete with the weavers who we buy our cloth from.  If you need brand new first quality material with manufacturer's certification please contact them.  We also don't drop ship.  We only sell and ship direct to the end user and never through middle men of any kind.   We do have re sellers that buy from us with the cloth shipped to their company address.  
       Because of the huge variety of fiberglass cloth weaves and finishes and the variety of end uses we just specialize in fiberglass cloth and not woven roving, chopped strand mat, epoxy or polyester resins, squeegies, core materials, peel ply, release agents and the more general full line supplies. There are many other companies that do such a wonderful job supplying the broader spectrum of supplies to the composite industry.   We chose to specialize in just the dry woven fiberglass cloth. We do get carbon fiber and kevlar from time to time and if we have any at all we'll try to list it on this website but we focus mainly on the woven glass fabrics.    We don't advertise stuff we don't have. There may be the rare occasion a small roll ordered may not be rolled yet but that's just a matter of putting the larger roll up and re rolling it. We have a huge inventory of re rolled rolls ready to go but there is such a huge assortment it is quite impossible to have everything. If that's the case shipping may be delayed a day.

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