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21.85 oz Style 9773 S-Glass Fiberglass Cloth

S-2 Glass
Style 9773 is a special texturized heavy S-2 Glass fiberglass fabric.  Style 9773 weighs 21.85 oz/sq yd and is finished in the soft version of A1100 
for epoxy resins.  This cloth can be used to make bullet proof panels.  We laid up a panel using 7 layers with epoxy resin and shot it with an array of round nose hand gun rounds including 22, 38, 45, 454, 22 mag with none of these rounds going through and some just flattening the lead.  We didn't follow up to see what it would take to stop a rifle round.  We have the 9773 in 45", 61 and 65" widths.  This is old material we bought surplus and are selling cheap accordingly.  This cloth wets out fine but soaks up a lot of resin.  Age only effects the finish if anything and has no effect on the strength of the glass.  The curved panel we used for the bullet proof tests became the cradle we use with the forklift to take rolls on and off the rolling racks.  This is heavy cloth so consider the cost we have to pay for shipping as being big part of the cost of the roll.  All cloth is sold by the LINEAR yard not the square yard.  
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