3.75 oz Style 1632 Fiberglass Cloth - Fiberglass Cloth Supply and Education

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3.75 oz Style 1632 Fiberglass Cloth

Style 1632 fiberglass cloth is a 3.75 oz/sq yd 30 x 32 ends/inch fabric that uses the yarn ECG 150 1/0 in the warp and ECG 75 1/0 in the fill. Style 1632 has a thickness of 0.0049".  We have several thousand yards of this material in the greige.  If it was finished would be pretty good cloth for covering kayaks.  Would have to be finished though.  Good cloth for coating with silicone rubber.  Widths are mostly 38" with 2,000 plus yards of 50".  We can go $1.20/yd for 1,000 yds and up and make a real deal for it all.

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