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Style 1581 Fiberglass Cloth with 497A Silane finish

Satin Weaves > 8.9 oz 1581
Style 1581 is an 8.9 oz/sq yd aerospace satin weave type fabric.  1581 is similar to 7781 in that it has the same 57 x 54 ends/inch thread count but uses the ECG 150 1/2 yarn versus the ECDE 75 1/0 for the style 7781.  The biggest difference in the two being the 7781 has a smaller glass filament of 7 microns versus 9 microns for the 1581.  Style 1581 also has twist in the yarn whereas 7781 is flat.  On this page is style 1581 finished in the aerospace silane 497A that is good for any resin, primarily epoxy, but perfect for polyester or vinyl ester resins as well.  The following list are individual rolls we have in stock with info in the order of style, width, finish, linear yards with payment links that include free shipping to the 48 continental United States.  Add full shipping to other areas.

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