3.16 oz Style 120 "Crowfoot weave" Fiberglass Cloth with Volan Finish - Fiberglass Cloth Supply and Education

Photo of plain weave fiberglass cloth
Style 104 fiberglass cloth
Style 7500 fiberglass cloth close up photo with construction data
2.74 osy 3070 70x70 tight weave fiberglass cloth hand close up
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3.16 oz Style 120 "Crowfoot weave" Fiberglass Cloth with Volan Finish

Other Specifics > Low stock
3.16oz/sq yd(osy) Fiberglass 120 for small stuff
38" wide Style 120 finished in 504 Volan for any resin
10, 20 and 30 yard rolls on 2" pvc pipe
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Alert:  This cloth has 3 crinkle lines - not for large layups
prices have been reduced by 30% for that   Next Page
Please look at photos below ..

all gone for the time being
hopefully we'll find more before too long

3 crinkles identified on 120 crowfoot weave 3.16 osy fiberglass cloth
120 38 504 volan photo with crinkles
120 38 504volan 10 yard roll loose on table
shows loose 3 ounce crowfoot weave shaped around baseball
120 crowfoot 10 yard roll just opened
120 38 504 volan 10 yard roll in box showing label end
3.16 oz/sq yd close up Style 120 with Construction Data from Thayercraft
120 crowfoot weave fiberglass cloth open showing packing material
120 with the superior super soft 504 Volan is so hard for us to get and AFTER about half a 1000 yard roll was re rolled did I discover it had creases - thanks to a model builder for telling me.  The re roller rolled about half the roll without realizing the creases were there or it mattered and I didnt think to look as she was rolling it.  You get used to everything going perfect and get caught off guard every once in a while  So the cloth you're getting will have these creases just like in the photos.  Most of the 120 I use it just for small parts because its such a conformable fabric being a 4 harness satin weave.  I hate not to sell it becasue it can be used for small stuff but if you're planning on using it for big layups and the creases will cause you problems better stay away from it. It's just the 120 with the soft Volan finish is so hard for us to find.  The price is 30% off the original price.  And the dude that found the creases noticed them after he did the layup so I refunded his money with no bother to return so there you have it.  You know what you're getting and if I had 10,000 yards of it I wouldn't sell this cloth.  I would just put that roll to the side and put another one up. The creases are from the factory like that and not from our re rolling.  We haven't tried peel ply making it lay out flat so just count on using it for small parts where you can cut around the creases.  We checked all the rolls that were done and they all looked just like the one in the photos.  If we get more in with no creases (crinkles - my word) this page will be updated.  This is otherwise very nice soft 3 ounce crowfoot weave style 120 with the 504 Volan finish.  

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