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10.4 oz Style 6576 S-2 Glass Fiberglass Cloth

S-2 Glass
Style 6576 is the S-2 Glass version of Style 7576 10.5 oz/sq yd 8 harness satin weave with the weaver's data given as 10.5 oz 8 harness satin weave using 120 each of the SCG 75 1/0 yarn per inch in the warp and 24 each of the SCG 150 1/0 in the fill.  The weaver's breaking strength value for 6576 is given as 1.33 times greater than the E glass style 7576 counterpart.   We get very little 6576 in but do have one 74 yard roll of 50" width with the 497A finish.  If you are interested you can have it for $9/yd and if you're in any of the 48 continental United States we'll pick up the shipping.

6576 close up with data smooth side 8hs fiberglass cloth
6576 close up with data warp yarn side 10.5 uni 8hs fiberglass cloth
Style 6576 micro showing more populated warp crossing 8hs fiberglass
Style 6576 10.5 oz 8hs uni fiberglass cloth showing loose warp yarn
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