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1.7 oz Style 5124 Kevlar Fabric

Style 5124 is a 4 Harness Satin (crowfoot) weave 1.7 oz/sq yd Kevlar* with a yarn count of 34 in the warp and 34 in the fill.  5124 uses the Kevlar*49 yarn 195 T965 in the warp and fill.  5124 is a very balanced fabric and conformable fabric.  Kevlar*49 is a high modulus fabric used in composites.  Thayercraft doesn't get much 5124 Kevlar* in so we are just selling these small rolls.  This roll just came in and was sealed in black plastic and the reflective Tyvec* material you see in the photos.  All yardages offered will be rolled on 2" pvc and not folded - even the 1 yard. We don't ship any cloth folded.  Folding cloth puts creases in the fabric that are next to impossible to get out.  The 5124 cloth has the standard scour finish 618 to enable better resin bonding.  This cloth we just roll on demand so will have an extra day handling time.  This is to keep the main roll sealed from moisture and light.  

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5124 Kevlar 1.7 oz loosened a little on Construction Data sheet
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