1.43 oz Style 1080 Fiberglass Cloth with Silane Finish - Fiberglass Cloth Supply and Education

Photo of plain weave fiberglass cloth
Style 104 fiberglass cloth
Style 7500 fiberglass cloth close up photo with construction data
2.74 osy 3070 70x70 tight weave fiberglass cloth hand close up
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1.43 oz Style 1080 Fiberglass Cloth with Silane Finish

1.43oz/sq yd(osy) Fiberglass 1080 for Balsa Models
38" and 44" wide Style 1080 silane for EPOXY resin
5 10 20 30 50 and 100 yard rolls on 2" pvc pipe
Plus lots of larger rolls on original factory cores
FREE ground shipping to the 48 Continental United States
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Style 1080 with CS718 Silane Finish
Style 1080 with CS426 Silane finish
1.43 osy Fiberglass cloth with 602 silane finish
Silane Finished 52" wide Style 1080 1.43 oz/sq yd Fiberglass Cloth

Close up Photo of 1.43 oz style 1080 with Construction Data from Thayercraft
cheap, cheap Factory rolls
Below rolls are as they came from the weaver on their original cores.  1080 rolls from the factory are generally on just two types of cores. The first is  5" outside diameter(od) and 3" inside diameter(id) with 1" thick walls. The 5x3 cores weigh  3.8 pounds per running foot. The second core is 7" od x 6" id and has a 1/2"  wall thickness which weighs 3.5 pounds per linear foot.  Examples:   5" od x 3" id cores: 40.5" Long weigh 13.8 pounds, 46" Long weigh 15.6 pounds and 54" Long weigh 18 pounds. 7" od x 6" id  factory cores 42" Long weigh 12.25 pounds, 46" Long weigh 14.4 pounds, 54" Long weigh 15.8 pounds. The 38" wide cloth will be on 40.5 - 42" cores, 44" on 46" cores and 50" wide fabric will be on 52 - 54" cores.  Roll weights can be estimated by first calculating the weight of the cloth then adding the core weight.  Example:  a 255 yard roll of 1080,44" wide on a 7" od core can be calculated as:  1.43 ounce per square yard divided by 16 ounces per pound to convert to pounds times the width of the cloth, 50" divided by 36, to correct for the oz/sq yd(osy) times the yards 255 => 1.43/16 x 48/36 x 255 => 0.119 x 255 = 30 pounds for the cloth plus approx 18 pounds for the core for 48  pounds thus far.  Add the rest of the packing and if just corrugated wrap right at 50 pounds out the door.  We pay the shipping to the 48 Continental US so this is just for you to have an idea of what the roll you're getting will weigh. All finishes compatible with Epoxy resin.  Most of the CS426+ finish rolls will be on 7" od cores with CS718 on 5" cores. Free shipping to the 48 Continental United States.   Factory rolls in this list are not for International sales.  Click the BLUE to ADD TO CART, ORDER and PAY with PayPal links
48" wide -  $1.20/yd  with FREE ground shipping to the 48 Continental United States
Style 1080 fiberglass cloth is a 1.43 oz/sq yd plain weave E-glass fabric referred to as the "medium weight" glass cloth in the model industry.  As with all fabrics the finish on the cloth makes a big difference in the way the fabric handles.  Most of the 1080 we've sold thoughout the years has been with Silanes with the biggest reason for that being that was what was available.  More rarely do we get an identical style of fiberglass cloth finished in Volan.  BGF's 504 Volan is, in my opinion, the softest finish on fiberglass cloth in the world.  We brought in one large roll we're re rolling to 5, 10, 20, 30 and 50 yard rolls.  They are priced 30% higher than
the Silane finished cloth due to it's rarity and higher cost.
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