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Photo of plain weave fiberglass cloth
Style 7500 fiberglass cloth close up photo with construction data
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Thayerglass 750

Fiberglass Flock
Thayerglass 750
Thayerglass is a product we produce in a large hole Screen hammermill.  It is not milled in the
same way normal "Milled Fiberglass" is produced.  Normal milled fiberglass is produced in Milled that bring
the lengths of the strands to much less than advertised.  For example, one large companies 1/4" millled
fiberglass has strands that are more in the 20 to 50 micron length  AND using thicker diameter filaments more
in the 13 micron range.  Our Fiberglass Flock Thayerglass 750 produced starting with more expensive yarn used in finer
woven glass fabrics, like the types we sell, and a traditional hammermill results in real long fiber more in the 3/4" range.
We have produced 1/4" Fiberglass Flock that though it did result in fibers that were more in the 0.25 inch length didn't seem
to have much advantage over the 3/4" Flock.  The big advantage of our Thayerglass 750 3/4" fiberglass flock over a regular
big company milled fiberglass is the amount you will need is far less and much faster.  The downside is just in the exotherm
you have to watch out for when doing thick filets with it.  That's why we like to ad Alumin
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