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Style 7500 fiberglass cloth close up photo with construction data
Located in High Point, NC.  Huge selection of woven and stitched fiberglass.  Low prices  40 years experience * fast shipping
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What Thayercraft is not

About Thayercraft
NOT A DROP SHIPPER. We don't drop ship our material to a 3rd party customer or have suppliers drop ship for us.  We only sell direct to the end user We have in the past drop shipped for some 3rd party go betweens but it just always caused problems.  One example is if we were dealing direct with the end user we could have easily found the material they were looking for but with the broker with less knowledge about fiberglass cloth in between there was just never a crystal clear understanding about what the customer needed for us or the many choices of fiberglass cloth available to the customer.  And there's an ideology issue with selling through middle people that has to do with the cusomer paying more money for less service.  There's just nothing to be gained by having people in between us the seller, that has the physical possession and that's intimate with every intricate detail of the fiberglass cloth, and the customer.  There just can't be anything hindering this very important information exchange link.  In effect really could be summed up "why should I work harder for less money and more aggravation"? and "why should the potential fiberglass cloth buyer not be able to deal with the people most knowledgible about fiberglass cloth that actually have the cloth in their own facility?"
NOT AN ISO CERTIFIED SUPPLIER WITH ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER'S CERTIFICATION  Very little cloth we sell has manufacturer's certificates of compliance.  There is some that comes in that does but not normally.  We stand behind all the material we sell and know fiberglass cloth.  We are experts at knowing fiberglass cloth styles and finishes.  What we have done in the past instead of Manufacturers Certificate of Compliance is provide our own Certificate of Non Alteration which states that the cloth is the style, width and finish as stated by the manufacturer and has not been changed by us, the lot numbers, Date of Manufacture and all details pertaing to the sale of the cloth to a particular customer.  Here is an example of our Cerficate of NonAlteration.
NOT A STORE: We are not a retail walk in store open to the public, though we do have some customers that prefer to pick up the material at our huge facility.
NOT A DESIGNATED DISTRIBUTOR Thayercraft Inc is not a designated fiberglass cloth distributor by any weaver, though we've bought and sold millions of yards from several weavers over the last 40 years.   We just advertise what we have in stock ready to ship
NOT A WEAVER Thayercraft, Inc is not trying to compete in any way with the weavers who we buy our cloth from.  Instead the intent and hope is that we may provide some insight and information on fiberglass cloth that would aid the customer in choosing the right style and finish.  And that after we run out the customer will go direct to the weaver and can continue the ongoing fiberglass cloth demands by the customer we helped create.  
NOT A CUSTOM ORDER COMPANY We don't custom order anything ever or have the weaver drop ship special orders to our customers, though we do keep a look out for hard-to-find cloth for customers.
NOT A SAMPLE SENDER We don't send free samples normally though we have done mass mailings with many different pieces of fiberglass cloth in the years gone by.   Nowadays with the internet the potential fiberglass cloth buyer can view descriptive photos of the cloth they're interested in.  And also the fiberglass cloth buyer can buy small rolls, sometimes as small as 5 yards,  of any given style and finish to try to see how it works before they commit to a full roll.  That's why we started doing the 5 yard rolls.
NOT A FULL LINE COMPOSITES SUPPLIER  Because of the huge variety of fiberglass cloth weaves and finishes and the variety of end uses we just specialize in fiberglass cloth and not woven roving, chopped strand mat, epoxy or polyester resins, squeegies, core materials, peel ply, release agents and the more general full line supplies. There are many other companies that do such a wonderful job supplying the broader spectrum of supplies to the composite industry.   We chose to specialize in just the dry woven fiberglass cloth. We do get carbon fiber and kevlar from time to time and if we have any at all we'll try to list it on this website but we focus mainly on the woven glass fabrics.    We don't advertise stuff we don't have. There may be the rare occasion a small roll ordered may not be rolled yet but that's just a matter of putting the larger roll up and re rolling it. We have a huge inventory of re rolled rolls ready to go but there is such a huge assortment it is quite impossible to have everything. If that's the case shipping may be delayed a day.
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