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List of Finishes

List of various weavers Finish Numbers and Descriptions
  40 year historical Comprehensive list of over 300 different finishes on Fiberglass
    Fabrics for a huge variety of end uses  --   for reference and education      
161  Vinyl based silane for polyester resins
208 Similar to 608A but pigmented red to inicate non-asbestos material (insulation)
231  PVC weaveset for scrim fabic
236  PVC tie coat used in mastic reinforcement
252  Acrylic weaveset for scrim fabrics
261 White flame-retardant paint-like finish for navy board and accoustical fabrics.
263  Acrylic weaveset designed for easy, consistent slitting.
271  PVAc acrylic co-ploymer white weavset used mainly in roofing.
272  Same as 271 but black.
273  Same as 271 but yellow.
274 Firm hand, low-smoking, flame-resistant, acrylic weaveset.
318  Low toxic, low smoking, high reflective, pre-painted white ceiling board finish.
373  Chemical resistance of polymer/PTFE (filtration)
422  White PVC/Acrylic weavset for laminated window shades.
445  Alkali resistant finish for cement reinforcement.
460  For Epoxy resin and phenolic (Aerospace market)
482  Graphite finish on tubular fabric used for aluminum fabrication.
495  Heat cleaned
501  Thermal cleaning finish, designed for silicone laminations (formerly called 112) used with styles 104 and 106. Fabrics is normally white in color.
504  Volan chrome complex finish for Polyester and Epoxy resins (.03-.06% chrome) LPR & Aerospace market.
504A  Volan finish with .06-.10% chrome for Epoxy and Polyester resins.
514  Silicone. For HPL, electrical and Aerospace applications. Neutral PH and recommended for Silicone laminations.
515  Continuous heat cleaning.
516 Melamine. Comatible with Phenolic. For HPL and elecrical applications. Silane finish over thermal cleaned fabric. For Melamine laminations
517  Continuous heat cleaning. (formerly 210) usually tan in color.
537 Silicone finish. Used in HPL, electrical and Aerospace applications. Thermal cleaning finish designed for Silicone laminates (white in color)
538  A-1100 amino silane plus glycerine for good wet-out and drapability for epoxy resins.  Phenolic. Comatible with Epoxy, Melamine and Polymide.
550  A combination of Volan and silane for epoxy and polyester resins. LPR and Aerospace market.
558  Epoxy-functional silane finish based on Z6040 used in high pressure laminate applications. Compatible with Phenolic and Polymide resins.
580  Triple finish consisting of silicone oils/graphite/PTFE (filtration)
581  Weaveset for paintable celing board fabric.
602  Compatible with Polyester resin. Used in HPL, electrical , LPR and Aerospace applications. A modified silane finish for superior wet-out specialty applications.
609  Finish for window shades and vertical blinds, available in various colors.
615  10% add-on of DuPont's Teflon B.
616  Silane finish designed for melamine laminates applied to heat cleaned fabrics (Tan in color)
617  Silane High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Finish for Epoxy and Phenolic resins. Used in HPL, Electrical and Aerospace markets.
618  Scouring process for removal of extractable material maximizing resin compatibility. Used on Armaid fabrics  Kelvar scour.
621  Silane with improved moisure resistance and electrical properties in epoxy laminate and addition type polymides. (HPL and Electrical Market)
622  Window shade finish for heat sealable finished products.
623  Black finish for vinyl tie coat
625 Acid resistance consisting of acid resistant Polymers/PTFE/Silicone oils, graphite (filtration).
627  A vinyl based Silane finish for epoxy and polyester resins with good clarity and drapability. Boat and Tooling fabrics LPR and Aerospace markets.
629  A lower add-on of 318, but applied to lighter, smoother fabric.
633  Water resistance finish (coating for fabrics)
634  Epoxy compatible silane with improved impact resistance properties in structural laminates. (Aerospace market).
636  Compatible with Polyester resin. Used in LPR and Aerospace applications.
639  Silane HPL finish for epoxy resins.
642  Silane finish with good wet-out properties as well as electric and moisture resistant properties - also compatible with polyimide, BT, Cyanate ester,
643  Epoxy silane developed for multilayer and bonding sheet applications. Exhibits good wet-out properties and good for general epoxy.
644  Epoxy silane finish with good handling  wet-out properties on very light weight fabrics. A modified Z-6040. Used in HPL and  electrical applications.
645  A modifield heat treatment on heavy fabrics (composite applications).
646  Silane finish for Epoxy Resins.  Low chloride, moisture resistance. Also for Phenolic, Melamine, Polyimide & BT. (HPL and Electrical market)
830  Compatible with polyester resin and used in LPR applications.
941  Same as 210 heat cleaned.
957  Same as 210 heat cleaned.
971  Flame retardant coating for smoke curtains.
975  PVA weaveset
975  PVA weaveset which reduces fabric prosity and aids in slitting and sewing.
980    515 heat cleaned.
983    High termperature ceramic coating for fabrics
984    558 plus mechanical tratment to enhance wet-out and soften.
1120  Tempratex fabric. High temperature resistant fabrics woven from "E" glass fibers and coated with a vermiculite based film.
9208  Same as S-910
9288  Compatible with epoxy and phenolic resins.
9383  A processing tretament that removes a large percentage of organic binders on fabrics to enhance hands weave setting characteristics.
9437  Same as S-550.
9480  Aluminum foil laminated as fire-retardant thermoplastic adhesive. Vapor barrier laminate for shipboard usage as flange fuel spray shields.  
9552  Compatible with epoxy and cynate ester resins.
9597  Same as S-938 (A propietary, chemically modified, silane finish used for epoxy resin systems
9645   Heatset.
9710  Compatible with epoxy and phenolic resisns.
9752  Weave set finish for stability and reduction of fiber irritation.
9779  A high performance aminosilane yarn binder for epoxy, bismaleimide  Used on syles 557, Atroquartz II Undirectional, 531 and 581
9786  Same as Volan.
9827  Silane finish for Epoxy, polyimides and bismaleimides. Has dual finctionality groups.
9834  Same as Volan.
9836  A scoured finish for Astroquartz. Fabric is manufactured with 9779 finish and is washed to remove binders.
9837  Vinyl functional silane for polyester, epoxy, cyanate ester and vinyl ester resins.
9845  A low smoke tratment over 9383 finish that provides good weave stability.
9892  Tritemp finish. Special formula blend of silicone, fluorocarbon and graphite for maximum high temperature lubricity of glass fabrics.
9957 Dyed red indicate a nonasbestos bearing product.
9963 Teflon B finish. A fluorcarbon finish with excellent chemical resistance as well as high temperature lubriciry.
9982  Compatible with epoxy resins.
9987  A treatment over 9383 finish that provides oil and water repellency.
9995  Finish on fabrics are impregnated with a water-activated adhesive for applications as a rewettable lagging material.
CS-4667 Phenolic compatible Silane.
020S  Fire retardant coating used a s a non waterproof cover
021S   Fire retardant coating with a poroous or breathable coating ror pillow ticking and for upholstery cover
040S  Waterproof fire retardant coating use as a mattress cover
040T  Fire retardant coating used in some types of tent lining
1059  HT A propietary silane finish recommended for high temperarture polyimides and thermoplastic matrices.
1165  PVC "Soft" vinyl chloride weaveset finish for use in outdoor exterior facing structures.
1245AR  Filtration finish utilizing high component concentrtion to extend filter bag like properties in baghouse applications.
1259AR  A filtration fisnish with excellend adhesive properties to various organic films.
1270AR  A propietary finish with excellent acid resistant properties in high temperature applications as well as good cake release.
232A  PVC weaveset for window shade fabrics
263F  Same as 263 but firmer.
393G  Black PVC/Acrylic weaveset fot laminated window shades.
462D PVC flame retardant coating applied to both sides of fiberglass fabrics for use as vertical blinds.
497A  Primary finish Epoxy & Polyimide, compatible with Polyester and phenolic (Aerospace Market). For aircraft applications requirin high tensile strength.
603A  Multi-purpose pad covering and lagging finifh, providing good hand, minimal dust and ease of application (insulation).
604A  Comparable to 603A with additional oil and water repellency.
608A  Compatible with Phenolic, Melamine and Polyimide. For HPL and electrical applications.
610A  Pre-applied rewettable lagging finish that is water activated and provides ease of applications (insulation).
615B Same as 615 but 7% nominal add-on.
632D  Weaveset used in Fabrics for Sanding Discs
770B  Compatible with Epoxy resin and used in Aerospace applications.
818P  High add -on polyester weaveset.
832V  A light add-on soft acrylic weaveset to improve fabric processings in laminating.
832W  A medium, add-on soft acrylic weaveset to improve fabric processing in laminating.
845A  Compatible with Epoxy, Phenolic, Melamine  and used in HPL and elecrical applications.
846D PVC flame retardant coating applied to both sides of fiberglass fabrics for use as vertical blinds. 846D and 462D finishes are now called 962D, A01D or A06D
852A  This is 636 over greige
865S  Compatible with Polyester resins and used in LPR applications and surfboard fabrics.
93 HTS  (9940) A proietary silane finish designed for polyimide, bismaleimide, epoxy and phenolic resin systems.
933  HTS A propietary silane finish designed for polyimides, bismaleimide, epoxy and phenolic resin systems.
971C  Flame retardant coating for smoke curtains.
9983  PVC A vinyl chloride weaveset finish for utilization in outdoor exterior facing structures.
A-1100  Amino silane coupling agent for epoxies and phenolics. (A-1100S is a slightly softer version)
A22A A finish compatible with epoxy over scoured cloth.
A22B A finish compatible with epoxy over 647.
A24  This is Heat Cleaned 210 plus washing
A344  same as A218 - ships as A218"
A345  singed to decrease broken filaments - Greige - like CS3597
A372  PVA weaveset
A386   Heat cleaned finish
A62C   Automotive metal re-enforcement used with a ploymer.
A62G  Automotive metal re-enforcement used with a ploymer.
A70   Same as 621  High performance silane for epoxy and Polyimides.
A738  Black Weaveset
A905   Same as A218
A929   Black Weaveset
CS-112   Caramelized and heat cleaned fabrics for silicone coating processes.
CS-210   Caramelized fabric in which oils and starches are partially volarized. For use in melamine and elecrical coating laminations.
CS-230   Process for greige fabrics that opens yarn bundles to produce a more even surface which enhances coating adhesion.
CS-256   Silane finish for polybutadine.
CS-270   A special washing process to provide improved electrical properties in glass reinforeced tapes.
CS-271 Silane finish for use with Polyester and Epoxy resins.
CS-272A  A high performance finish for epoxy and polyester resins providing good drape and resins flow used in structural and honeycomb laminates.
CS-290  A finish based on propietary chemicals which react well with polyimide, epoxy and phenolic resins. Resists oxidative destruction up to 500 deg. F.
CS-307   Epoxy Compatible Finish
CS-309  Silane finish for polyimide resins in circuit boards- good temperature resistance and a satable interferance. Electrical high temperature polyimide.
CS-3096  Volan/Silane finish for epoxy resins and polyester/vinyl ester.
CS-310  A silane epoxy finish with good moldability and physcial properties .
CS-3116  Silane finish for white melmine lamiates.
CS-316 Elecrical and structural Polyester.
CS-3176  SBR for elecrical fuses.
CS-3218 Melamine and epoxy compatible.
CS-3267  Spectra finish- water repellant.
CS-330  Proprietary desizing process to yield enhanced coating adhesion properties for electrical insulation tapes.
CS-331  A specialty silane epoxy finish designed to increase tensible streigth in laminate structures.
CS-3383  Signed only similar to CS3597 greige but singed
CS-347 Silane finish used mostly on HPL styles.
CS-3484F Epoxy
CS-352 Water repellant anti microbial.
CS-353  "Uniguard" finish for flame retardancy.
CS-358  Silane finish. Pre-finish for CS-352 and CS-353.
CS-3583   Silane finish; epoxy resin compatible.
CS-3584F Epoxy (Same as CS-307)
CS-3597 Singed to remove strays - greige fabric
CS-36   PVC Weavest
CS-3624 Silane finish. S/Glass surfboard finish.
CS-3627 Cyanate Ester for epoxy resins.
CS-3668 Greige fabric, can be finished in any finish. Sold as double singed fabric.
CS-3684  Scoured.
CS-37  Weave set, white PVC.
CS-3753  Starch finish for thermal circuits.
CS-3754  Volan- Polyester compatible.
CS-3770 Water wash only- no finish.
CS-3786  For Phenolics.
CS-3794  A silane finish for epoxy in electrical applications.
CS-3805  Epoxy compatible Silane.
CS-3807  Acrylic weavest- limited epoxy compatibility.
CS-3852 Fingernail - European touch.
CS-3880  For melamine resins and thermosets (polyester).
CS-3897  Structural epoxy.
CS-3906  Weave set, PVOH for micropore.
CS-3919  Silane (HPL) finish for elecrical Epoxy-double loading for S/106.
CS-3920  Electrical Epoxy - 4X CS-718.
CS-3923  Special wash for electrical insulation tapes.
CS-3934  Silane finish for polyester/ vinyl ester.
CS-3959 Cyanate ester resin.
CS-3995  PVC weavest - White
CS-3996  Black PVC/Acrylic weaveset
CS-4027  Acrylic weaveset.
CS-4041  For Epoxy.
CS-4055  No flow epoxy chrome based silane (volan).
CS-41  Weave set, firm PVAC.
CS-4118  Weaveset made for Essex.
CS-4134 HPL silane finish.
CS-4175  Weave set- Acrylonitrile CoPolymer.
CS-4232 Coated Fabric for tape market.
CS-4238  Soft hand finish for ballistic fabrics.
CS-426   A HPL silane finish for epoxy in elecrical applications.
CS-4299  Acrylic weaveset.
CS-4300  Acrylic; used for cable warp.
CS-433 Polyester resins compatible finish with good drape, wet out and laminate clarity.
CS-4368  Silane finish (HPL) for most resin system-Epoxy, BT, Polyimide, etc.
CS-4370  Silane finish (HPL) for Epoxy and electronic applications.
CS-4380 Coating finish; not compatible with any resins.
CS-440  Epoxy silane finish with improved fabric wet out and electric properties.
CS-4404  Scoured and singed.
CS-4405  Volan. For Phenolics, Epoxy and Polyester.
CS-4426 White Acrylic Weaveset - not resin compatible.
CS-4479 Soft version of CS-353 "Uniguard".
CS-450  High performance finish for low dielecric Cynate ester resins.
CS-4552  Silane finish for Epoxy and electronic applications.
CS-4554  Water wash.
CS-456   Carmelized.
CS-4580  Epoxy resins compatible.
CS-459  Polyester resins compatible finish with good drape, moldability and clarity. For surfboards (hand lay ups).
CS-460 High performance finish compatible with bismaleimide resins chemistry.
CS-4622 Silane finish for most resin system- Epoxy, BT Polyimide, etc.
CS-464  Structural Epoxy.
CS-4642  Scoured fabrics.
CS-4645  For epoxy resins.
CS-4662SE  Weavest for acrylic elastomer.
CS-470   Cyanate ester and Polyester resins.
CS-471  Structural Epoxy.
CS-472 Excellent laminate properties. For use with Polyester resins.
CS-4731 Epoxy compatible Silane.
CS-474  Silane finish, commercial surfboard finish.
CS-4762 Epoxy resin compatible.
CS-4774  Softer CS-4118, similar to weaveset.
CS-4797  Epoxy, Polyester, Cyanate Ester compatible Silane.
CS-4802 Epoxy- stiff - High LOI.
CS-4809 PVC Acrylic coating
CS-4820  Weak A-1100
CS-4831 Silicone resin compatible.
CS-508  Carmelized fabric.
CS-509  Carmelized fabric.
CS-550 A polyester and epoxy resins compatible finish with good drape and wet out. This finish used in structural applications
CS-57  Heat set- Nylon, Polyester Weave Set.
CS-616  For Melamine laminates on heat cleaned fabric.
CS-619  Chrome based finish (volan) Phenolic, Polyester, Epoxy.
CS-6224  HPL silane finish.
CS-630  Weave Set - White PVC.
CS-645 Weave Set -PVOH Stock Solution.
CS-649  High LOI weaveset, Acrylonitrile- for rubber type coatings.
CS-655 For epoxy, phenolics and Polyimides.
CS-657  Heat cleaned and water washed. Any finish can be applied.
CS-661  Weave Set - Acrylic.
CS-667  SBR - Electrical fuses.
CS-675  Electrical Epoxy. Silane (HPL).
CS-676  SBR Weavest-
CS-679 Weave Set - Black PVC.
CS-685  Weave Set - PVOH.
CS-686  Polyester resins finish with good clarity, moldability and resistance to moisture degradation. Leaves no color.
CS-696 For Epoxy, Phenolic, polyimide resins.
CS-700  Elecrical Epoxy. A new finish concept involving controlling the reactivity of the organo-functional group
CS-718  Apremium epoxy silane finish with improved wet out and low void content laminates in printed circuit boards.
CS-724  A specially developed finish for structural epoxy composites. This finish has good moldability and improved physical properties over conventional finishes.
CS-745  Silane; for electronics - epoxy, polyimide, cyanate ester, BT resins.
CS-767  Multifunctional capability for use with all major resin systems. Excellent wetting characterisitics. For use with Epoxy, Polyimide, and Cyanate ester.
CS-769  Versatile-for electronics, epoxy, polyester, etc. (same as 4797)
CS-800  Scouring procedure for removal of water extractable material maximizing resin comparibility of fabrics made from aramid and Zylon fiber (Kevar, Twaron)
CS-802  One pass Spectra wash.
CS-811  Propietary finish for lighweight ballistic fabrics.
CS-815 Epoxy compatible. Silane treated Kevlar.
CS-825 Epoxy resin compatible.
CS-827  Structural Epoxy.
CS-860  Airbag material - silicone coating on Nylon - Pink
CS-874  Epoxy compatible Kevlar
CS-880  Silicone coating on fiberglass  ex: 7628 - Gray
CS-897  Scoured and water repellent treated material for ballistic applications.
CS-898  Propietary finish for ballistic helmet applications.
CS-9383  Carmelized -
CS-9715  Blue color.
CS-9723 PVHC weaveset. Used for reinforcement (example: concrete)
F100  Scoured fabric-Aramid and spectra fabrics.
F101 Aramid water repellent - high concentration.
F111 Aramid water repellent- soft hand. Low smoke. Scoured.
F12 Heat cleaned.
F16 "A" Type Volan finish
F3  Volan-type finish compatible with structural epoxy, polyester/vinyl ester and phenolic resins.
F40  A-1100 finish modified to improve drapeability, for Phenolic resins.
F43  Polyester/vinyl ester comparible silane finish. (Marine & Tooling/Surfboard).
F46  Z-6040 finish for epoxy composites resins- high concentration.
F50  Volan/Silane combination.
F51  Blue (heavier one) Polyvinyl Alcohol release finish coated fabric. Also have a pink and brown color.
F69  same as BGF's 558 which is epoxy functional finish based on Z6040 - stiff cloth
F70 Same as CS-4797 Silane, epoxy,Polyester, Cynate Ester comparible.
F72 Surfboard finish. Polyester compatible.
F81 An improved Silane finish for polyester, epoxy, cyanate ester, urethane, polymides & phenolics for surfboards- soft, clear finish
F90  Heat cleaned ceramic fabric.
GS-978  A global multifunctional Silane good for polyester, espoxy, phenolic, melmine as well as advanced composite and cyanate eters.
GS-979 Same as GS-978 except is has a quicker wet out, about 15-20% faster than the GS-978
NPH Neutral PH finish recommended for silicone laminates.
P-44 The fabric is cleaned by thermochemical methods and prossesses superior tensile strengths and is also white in color.
RWG "Really White Glass" surfboard fabric w/resin compatible binder. (polyester resin)
S-404 A propietary silane finish for epoxy lamiates.
S-550 A high strength finish designed for both wet layup and prepreg applications. Hybrid Chrome and Silane for any resin - epoxy, polyester, vinyl ester
S-910 Polyester functional silane with good clarity and high wet strength retention.
S-911 Ultra high performance polyester resin silane with good drape, clarity and wet strength.
S-911M A Silane finish for polyester resin system, exceptional mechanical properties, long term wet stregth retention, clarity, drapability, and fast wet out.
S-912 A polyester functional silane finish applied to heat cleaned fabrics. Laminates have good clarity.
S-928 Epoxy functional silane finish designed for use with Cyanate Ester resin, Polyester, Vinyl ester and others cured by vinyl addition.
S-938 Silane epoxy finish for multilayer laminates with good electric properties.
S-977 Silane finish for epoxy, polyester, phenolic and melamines, used in structural applications.
S-988 A silane finish that provides excellent bonding to phenolic resin systems.
S-991  Silane finish that provides a soft hand, good wet out and improved dielectric properties to the glass interface in electrical composite processing.
VOLAN A  A methacrylato chromic finish used with polyester, epoxy and phenolic resins.
VOLAN B    A methacrylato chromic finish used with polyesterand epoxy laminates. It provides a green tint to the laminate composites
VOLAN L   A methacrylato chromic finish used with polyester and epoxy laminates. It provides a green cast to the laminate composites
Z-6040 A common epoxy silane used in the high pressure laminate industry - base for others like 558

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