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Photo of plain weave fiberglass cloth
Style 7500 fiberglass cloth close up photo with construction data
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Disclaimer and Credit due for the information on this website

About Thayercraft
   What I, Steve Thayer, write about fiberglass cloth on this website is what I've learned from reading about the subject from the weavers BGF Industries, JPS, Hexcel, Clark-Schwebel (now owned by JPS Composites) and a little bit from Andrew Marshall in his book Composite Basics, a few other books,  what I've been told by people working for glass manufacturers and my accumulation of being around fiberglass since boyhood.  I will try to give credit where credit is due and when something may be more my subjective opinion will try to indicate that as well.  Except for the publically available imperical data provided by the weavers not one word written by me is from copying anyone else.  Everything is my interpretation from real experience with fiberglass cloth.  
    What I write is not intended for you engineer geniuses out there that already know everything but more for the people just getting exposed to fiberglass cloth or for those more advanced that are interested in adding to their chosen field . There are more detailed books about Glass Fabric manufacture and composites as well as the essential informtion from the weavers just mentioned.   Having been in business somewhere around 40 years I have been asked many simple questions about fiberglass.  This is written for that purpose - to fulfill the need of just basic information and maybe some novel things as well. I am providing lots of close up and microscopic photos of different types of weaves, construction data on different weaves and things I've come up with myself you may not find elsewhere.
   The focus of this will essentially be on the field of fiberglass as it relates to woven glass fabrics.  Some data, such as the "oz/sq yd", are somewhat arbitrary.  As an example style 1080 has been listed in different weavers books, and the same weavers in varying handbooks, as 1.39 to 1.45 oz/sq yd.  We chose the number 1.43 as the oz/sq yd for 1080 many years ago just for consistency sake. A good example of this is the differention of the crowded three ounce, four harness satin crowfoot weaves such as 120, 220 and 2220 and with the three ounce plain weaves 116, 1116 and 2116.  
   Breaking Strength Values are not given on this website.   Those provided by the weavers can be assumed approximations from the standarized yarn or from actual tests done.   One can assume that for any chosen Fiberglass Cloth STYLE number the breaking strength will remain constant between varying weavers though values given may vary.  
    All photos on this website are all done by me right here at my huge building, or assembly of buildings,  using cloth we have.  There are no other people's photos anywhere here at all.  The microscopic photos, though some amateurish, are done by me with my own equipment.  All information on the way cloth handles, or the drape, are my original creation. Great care was given to insure all information and photos are accurate. Nothing on this website was deligated to anyone else in any way so whatever mistakes there are are mine.  
        I use trademark names like "Kevlar" or "Twaron" that have their known owners and creators loosely and want to make it clear that where ever these are used by me there is no intent to reduce or interfere with that ownership whatsoever.  It's hard to remember to put the proper trademark recognitions in all cases so I am hereby establishing their ownership and will not be held accountable if I miss it here or there.  
    As for copyright protection on what is created by me on this website there is none and you have my complete and total permission to replicate it or use it in any way you desire and are completely free to share any information or photos I provide here at will.  This would include the photos of my pretty wife Julissa and photos of my hand holding cloth if you so desire.  But by doing so you agree to do so in a positive way and will be held liable if done in any kind of derogatory or defaming manner.  
    All the fiberglass cloth described on this website is done so as accurately and honestly as we know how.  What you do with the cloth you buy is your responsibilty, unless we err and ship the wrong cloth to you - which never happens but could I suppose.  You have all the information you need to buy the fiberglass cloth to do with what you need to do.  There are photos throughout that show the flexibility of different weaves with accompanying finishes, what the finishes are for and their intended applications.
    We will not be held liable for any misuse of any information we provide here or any misuse of fiberglass cloth we sell in any way, shape or form.  
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