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Photo of plain weave fiberglass cloth
Style 7500 fiberglass cloth close up photo with construction data
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Thayercraft's Refund Policy

About Thayercraft
30 day Thayercraft-shipped-the-wrong-roll Refund or Replacement Policy:
    If we ship you a roll of cloth that is different than the one you ordered as to the 1-Style, 2-Width, 3-Finish or 4-Yards as a result of our own mistake we ship a replacement roll the same business day you notify us if by 10am est if the right roll is on the shelf ready to ship.  If the roll is not rolled and ready we get the roll rolled and shipped the next business day.  Or, if you prefer, we will refund you the total money paid if the fault is ours.  Be sure it is the wrong cloth because we do use various materials in protecting the cloth during shipping.  See our "How we Pack" section to be sure you are down to the cloth you ordered.  On some satin weaves there is a plain weave on the outer 1/2 border different than the rest of the cloth.  Also all cloth is sold by the Linear yard and not the square yard.  So be sure that you are looking at the actual roll and not remaining protective layers or the outer border weave.  This Replacement or Refund policy ONLY applies to mistakes made by us and only with and has to be done within 30 days from the date of shipment of the material.  

You-the-customer-bought-the-wrong-roll   Refund or Replacement Policy:  
(must be returned within 15 days)
    If you buy the wrong cloth for any reason that is not a fault of ours we charge a 25% restocking fee with the return shipping your repsonsibility.  After we receive the roll you bought by mistake we will issue you a PayPal REFUND or mail a company check.   We have profuse explanations of the fiberglass cloth, different finishes, the way different weaves and finish combinations handle, to enable you to pick just the right cloth.  Please read all descriptions and look at supporting photos.  If you do the research on our website for the cloth you need you will receive the perfect material.  The 25% restocking fee is a partial recoupment of the Free Shipping on rolls with Free Shipping.  For a return with 25% restocking fee you must return the cloth you mistankenly bought within 15 days
Sorry abou the restocking fee so high but in covering all possible returns, though rare, we have to cover the ones where shipping is a big portion of the cost of the order.

The evolution of Thayercraft's Return, Replacement and Refun Policy:
    Because of our vast experience and ability to describe the fiberglass cloth we sell complaints or requests for refunds are extremely rare.  I could list them all for the past 40 years from memory.  One a few years back was a company bought a roll of 7576 that is a unidirectional  satin weave that is very hard to wet out, get all the air out and being a unidirectional is very non conformable in the warp direction.  The company that got this had been getting the 7781 that is also a tight satin weave but is bidirectional.  The mistake was their own for the most part.  I didn't have the nice photos on that website like now so it wasnt as explained so thoroughly.  I quickly shipped the 7781 rolls for free as replacements and let them keep the 7576.  The buyer for the company called a year later or something saying they just opened a roll and it was the same cloth.  The roll they opened was the same 7576 that I had sent the free replacement rolls.  I know you're supposed to assume the customer is always right but I know because I shipped the cloth and remember it in detail. So, me going above and beyond to do what's right worked to my disadvantage.  Had I insisted they ship the style 7576 roll back they wouldn't have re discovered this roll and tried to get another replacement.
    I had another customer back in the 90's that said the roll they got had dry spots and before I could look up the invoice I shipped a 100 yard replacement roll. What they shipped back was a 5" od x 3" id factory core with a few yards on it that some crush marks from the roll start up.  He used a whole 100 yards and when he got to the end got me to ship a 100 yard roll for free!  Buying cloth like we do there is always a chance something could go wrong and our prices reflect that accordingly but we always take care of any problems promptly.
    A recent complaint I got was a roll I sold on eBay the customer said I shorted him and that I shipped a 20 linear yard roll instead of square yards.  This went on and on and on with me trying to explain that all fiberglass cloth is sold by the linear yard and that square yards is only used for identification of the cloth.  I don't know if he ever understood or not and never did get an intelligle answer.  I know what we shipped was 20 linear yards but just to be absolutely sure shipped another 10 yard roll.  So he either got a 10 yard roll originally, which I know he got 20, or he got 30 yards.  
  One time I goofed shipping a roll of cloth sold on eBay and got off one number on the street address.  I realized it right after it picked up by FedEx,  contacted the buyer and asked if he could walk over to the neighbors to get it when it got delivered and I would keep him informed when it got delivered and I would contact the neighbor and let them know.    He refused saying "Why should I have to go over there and get it when it was your mistake?" so I shipped another roll the same day.  Maybe he picked up the other roll at their yard sale later on.
    Way back in the 80's when I was shipping the 7678 for sign cloth I had one customer that said they had a problem with the cloth and wanted to return it so I sent a check for a full refund $80 or somewhere in that range.  This was when I was shipping cloth out from the little 24 x 22 ft block building in Thomasville, NC and barely had money to pay college tuition and gas.   Sometime later I got a box back with all these small pieces and note that said:  "Thanks for taking this back. I'm sorry but the customer changed their mind".  
     Another case was when I was shipping out of that little 24 x 22' building I used to leave rolls outside for UPS to pick up and drive back the 200 miles to college in Sylva NC.  One time a customer didn't get his roll so I shipped another right away - just happened to be timed right for the next week end drive home.  I saw that same roll later at an upholstery shop with my company name on the UPS label still on the roll.  Some dude in the neighbor hood that peddled cloth took and sold it to the upholstery shop for $5!.
    Back around 2010 or somewhere in that range my secretary then was talking to man about 6 ounce fiberglass.  I had been way over in another part of the building here, walked up on the conversation,  I asked to jump in, she handed me the phone, he said he was getting some six ounce style 7537. I asked what he was using it for, he said model planes, I told him the 7637 was a tight weave and wouldn't take curves.  He told me, quite forceably I might add, that if it's plain weave that's what he wants.  We shipped the cloth, open account,  and he never paid for it.  I called him a couple months after it was shipped to see if he could pay for he roll said it was too tight to take the curves - I tried to tell him before the roll shipped but he wouldn't listen to me.  A plain weave doees not equate with loose or open weave.  Style 1161 is a plain weave.  There's all kinds of weaves and finishes.  I'm here to show you what the differences are.  
    If you have any problems at all with the cloth you let me know.  I try to make sure everybody gets the cloth they need but you do your part and read the descriptions and look at the photos.  Fiberglass cloth is a very diverse field and made for a lot of different applications.  We sell to many different types of users and can't have a different website for each different industry.  We know fiberglass cloth and describe in detail fiberglass cloth, the different finishes and their for, how the cloth handles and there's no reason for you to not get the cloth you need.
    But if things do go wrong for whatever reason we handle it promptly and accurately.  

Steve Thayer
President of Thayercraft Inc

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