4.7 osy 4796 - Fiberglass Cloth Supply and Education

Photo of plain weave fiberglass cloth
Style 7500 fiberglass cloth close up photo with construction data
Located in High Point, NC.  Huge selection of woven and stitched fiberglass.  Low prices  40 years experience * fast shipping
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4.7 osy 4796

Vacuum Bagging
Loose weave unfinished Fiberglass Cloth
4.63 4.63 osy, Plain, 14x14 count, ECG 75 1/0 Warp, ECG 75 1/2 Fill, 0.007"thick
style 4796 Greige no finish 60"wide
Roll lengths (linear yards) of individual rolls
in stock as of 11.1.2023 $2/yd plus shipping
Roll yaradages are: 200, 200, 205, 245
250, 260, 408, 550 and 562 yards

Save shipping and pick up at 710 W Green, High Point NC
To get a shipping quote on a roll or rolls send an email
to thayercraft@cs.com or call/text 336-906-0947

4796 close up
4796 small rolls 20,30,50yds 4.63 osy loose weave fiberglass cloth
4796 close up 4.63 osy fiberglass cloth in the greige
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