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Photo of plain weave fiberglass cloth
Style 7500 fiberglass cloth close up photo with construction data
Located in High Point, NC.  Huge selection of woven and stitched fiberglass.  Low prices  40 years experience * fast shipping
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What is Thayercraft?

About Thayercraft
    Thayercraft is a company, that because of it's long and diverse experience with fiberglass cloth is devoted to describing with words and photographs the cloth it has in it's inventory so that you, the buyer, will get just the fiberglass cloth you need.    Thayercraft, Inc buys and sells surplus and over runs of fiberglass and other dry composite reinforcement materials.  What we have listed on our website is what we have in stock.  We don't advertise anything we don't have.  Our inventory comes and goes.  We may have 100,000 plus yards of a particular style, width and finish for years and after it's all sold there's no guarantee we will ever have it again.  We do keep many types of materials in stock and have kept many of the same ones in stock for many years but we are always at the mercy of what the weavers are willing to let us have.  Most fiberglass cloth we sell is at prices cheaper than what you can buy it for when buying direct from the weavers as a normal run even meeting their minimum quantity requirement.
    We have many years of experience with many types of fiberglass cloth intended for many different industries.   Our vast of knowledge along with a diverse inventory gives us the unique value of helping you find a fiberglass fabric you may not be able to find otherwise or even know existed.  We may have just a few yards of a given type of your desired fiberglass cloth and finish and that once you have established what works we no longer have available you can go direct to the weaver to continue your supply needs and have no obligation to us whatsoever.
    One little note: You will see the word "I" used a lot because Thayercraft is really me, Steve Thayer. And "I" and "We" may be used loosely and interchangeably but are done so concsiously for clarity and as an attempt to accept repsonsibility for statements made.  
     All cloth bought and sold by Thayercraft is made in the U.S. with the exception of the style 7721 unidrectional 6 oz. (not to be confused with BGF's 7.9 oz 4 harness satin 7721 used in coating) which is made in Italy.  All other material is made in the U.S.  Thayercraft is not in the busness of competing with the people we get the materials from.  We don't seek out the certified aerospace market and don't normally certify cloth unless we incidentally get test papers from the weaver.  Or, if acceptable by the customer, we have in the past done our own "Certificate of Non Alteration" stating that the cloth we are shipping is the same style, width, finish and yards as we state that it is and that we have not changed any of the information as was provided from the weaver, which should go without saying, but if all went without saying what would be the point of cerification paperwork?  
   I want to make the point that I, Steve Thayer, as the president of Thayercraft as well as all my of dealings have impecible integrity and honesty. I have an inate sense of doing what's right was that was instilled in me from an early age.  We have a huge facility with a big variety of fiberglass cloth in many different forms.  I have always been very careful to insure the customer gets what they need and works the want they want it to and are completely satisfied.  If you the customer makes a mistake and do not order the right material there's ever any problem of any kind I fix it.  The point of this website is to provide enough information so this is completely avoided.  
    As mentioned most of the fiberglass cloth that Thayercraft sells are smaller re rolled rolls that are rolled from larger rolls.  We have had over 5,000 customers since being in business.  We have sold tractor trailer loads of cloth in the past but these larger transactions were few and far between.  Though a very small amount of money, we do sell on eBay and have 100% positive feedback. Our ebay id is "Thayercraft".   We have had some larger users that have had use to re roll rolls so they could handle them.   We have rolls in the facility here weighing upwards of 1,000 pounds. We are the experts on fiberglass cloth and through this website will try to educate you and help you find just the cloth you're looking for. The true value of what Thayercraft does is give you the information for the type of fiberglass cloth you really need by providing photos and construction data and in a quanity that's practical for us and you.   

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