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Photo of plain weave fiberglass cloth
Style 7500 fiberglass cloth close up photo with construction data
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S-2 glass not for thermosetting resins

Satin in the Greige - no finish
148 yard roll 6781 not finished
Style 6781, 73" wide in the Greige
$5 per yard plus shipping
or take it all and we pay the shipping
Style 6781 is an industry standard S-2 glass fiberglass fabric material that has a thread count of 57 x 54 ends/inch and uses the yarn SCG 75 1/0 in the warp and fill, has a thickness of 0.009" and is generally considered to be about 20% stronger than E-glass and does have a higher operating temperature rating.
The following rolls are what we have in stock of 6781 that is 73" wide and is "in the greige" meaning it has not been heat cleaned, washed and any finish like a Silane or Volan added to make it suitable for resins. It is in the state preferred by Silicone Rubber coaters and insulation or heat barrier type applications - except that the PVA release agents will burn off at a low temperature so maybe it would be more suitable to be heat cleaned. All in the following list is in the greige and has on the label "BLUE" as in blue tracer but in examining the 148 yard roll of 6781 73" greige all I see is the blue tracer on the edge. A blue tracer should not effect any user of this 6781 73" in the greige state since it won't be used in open layups over wood or any application where the material its over will show through. But all I have seen so far is the one blue tracer right on the outside edge as seen in the photos.

The roll yardages of 6781 73" greige that I have in my huge building here are 83, 132, 142, 148, 163, 180, 226, 263, 364, 490 and 511 yards or 2702 yards total. At $6/yd for all of it the price would be $16,212.00. But if you're interested make me an offer or call me to talk about it at 336-906-0947 Steve Thayer. You can also come by to pick it up and we load it on your truck and you pay me when you come.

I also have a good bit of 61" 6781 in the griege. Those roll yardage sizes are 92, 129, 132, 150 and 167 yards - If you want any of those 6781 61" wide rolls in the greige you can have those for $5/yd plus shipping. We always ship the cheapest way. The 73" has "BLUE" as in tracers but all I see is the one on the edge and will watch out for more and let you know but all being from the same lot should all be the same on the outside edge. After it ships I take photos of the pallets on the truck and email with the photo, truck pro or FedEx tracking number for smaller rolls.
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