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Certificate of NonAlteration

About Thayercraft
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High Point  NC  27260  USA  
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      March 15th, 2024                 8.6 osy Style 1543
Certificate of Non Alteration

This is a signed certification by me, Stephen (Steve) Claude Thayer, president of Thayercraft Inc, that the 50 linear yard roll of fiberglass cloth manufactured by BGF Industries at their Alta Vista, VA, USA facility known as Style 1543 (8.6 oz/sq yd, 4 harness satin weave Unidirectional type fiberglass fabric with more strength in the Warp direction, E-Glass with a thread count of 49x30 ends/inch, using the glass yarn ECG75-1/2 in the Warp and ECE225-1/0 in the Fill, is 0.008"thick, is 38" wide, has aerospace any resin finish 497A and is 50 yards has not been altered by us in any way except for re rolling from the original 125 yd BGF roll with Roll# 4779177  to the 50 yard roll on 2" pvc pipe.  

This roll is being sold and shipped to:

Sudhir Kumar
Khasra No. 334 , Gali No.5, Plot # 23 Shahbad
Mohammadpur,Near Bansal Factory ,
New Delhi-110061, India               m: +91-9999648101           e: sudhir@aaipl.net

This is not a Manufacturer's Certificate of Compliance as we are not the original weaver or manufacturer of the material, do not have the original Certificate of Compliance paperwork and have not done extensive or comphrehensive compliance tests and do not have test reports for the material.  

This is just a statement by me that based on my extensive knowledge and experience with fiberglass cloth, experience with the weaver, BGF Industries,  that is ISO certified and with doing a visual inspection of the cloth  that the cloth is the 1-Style(1543), 2-Width(38"), 3-Finish(497A - Silane suitable for thermosetting resins)
and 4-Yards(50) as stated and have no reason to believe otherwise.  

It is, however, understood that the suitability of this fiberglass cloth by the end user is the complete and sole responsibilty of the end user and that Thayercraft Inc shall not be held responsible in any way for any damages that may result in using this fiberglass cloth.

Signed ________________________________________    Stephen Claude Thayer,  President

Date:  March 15th, 2024

Invoice # 18343  Ascend Aviation Purchase Order:  848  ref 240314-AI80

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